McGowan Accountancy Services  will help you to prepare for a WRC  inspection.

The WRC seeks to achieve a culture of compliance with employment law, by informing employers and employees of their respective responsibilities and entitlements, and by working in close cooperation with them and their representatives.

Working with individual employers through the WRC inspection process is a key element of checking and ensuring compliance.

This Guide is designed to assist an employer to understand the inspection process and prepare for an inspection. A WRC inspection need not be a difficult or onerous event for an employer.

Compliant employers, and those willing to become so who cooperate with the inspection process, have nothing to fear. Maintaining the correct records and making them available to Inspectosr will help to establish quickly if an employer’s workplace is compliant, or to provide an employer with the information necessary to become compliant.

Areas of non-compliance identified during the inspection process can usually be resolved satisfactorily by communicating and cooperating with the Inspector.

In addition to compliance checks, the WRC provides an information service to employers.

For information on any area of employment law, an employer can contact the WRC’s 423 Information Officers or ask the Inspector.

The aim is to make the inspection process as simple as possible for employers and to take up the minimum of an employer’s time and resources. An employer can help the WRC in achieving this by having his/her employment records available and up to date at the time of the inspection.

WRC Inspectors are trained to carry out their work in a professional, courteous and fair manner and in line with WRC Inspection Procedures.

If, following an inspection, an employer is unhappy about any aspect of how the inspection was conducted, that employer can make a complaint to the WRC.

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